Cleveland Heights - University Heights City School District
Alvin Gray Archives

Alvin L. Gray

Alvin L. Gray, Cleveland Heights High School class of 1945 and 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee, is proud to be a Heights High graduate. He has generously donated $10,000 to begin the process of preserving the district’s long and rich history by creating the Archives of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights (CH-UH) City School District.

Thanks to an active alumni association, of which Gray has been a trustee for the past six years, many items that illustrate the early years of the district have already been gathered, such as pictures of Coventry, Fairfax and Boulevard before they were rebuilt in the 70’s; Superintendents’ and Principals’ reports from the 30’s and 40’s; audiotapes, videotapes, brochures; and even 45 RPM records made by graduating classes. There are copies of the Roxboro Rocket and the Black and Gold naming Gray as the sports reporter.

Precious memorabilia is located all over the Cleveland area and across the country in the basements and attics of graduates’ homes. We can now preserve, display and catalog these items for public access, thanks to Gray.

Mr. Gray believes strongly in preserving history. He most recently received honors as the official restorer of the Enola Gay and the Hawker Hurricane WWII planes for the Smithsonian Institute. He is also active in other quarters, and has aided 1,100,000 Jews in relocating to Israel, the United States and other allied countries through work with Amnesty International, the American Jewish Congress and the JOINT Distribution Committee, which resettles the homeless.

Mr. Gray’s philanthropy is well-known. We are grateful for his work with the CH-UH school district and applaud him for his generous donation. Al Gray was honored for his contribution to the Archives at the Hall of Fame ceremony on April 9, 2004.