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Welcome to the Alvin Gray Archives
The Archives of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights (CH-UH) City School District has a long and rich history. Formed in 1901 with a single schoolhouse, CH-UH has grown and changed dramatically over the years. Today’s District balances the unfailing support of a high quality teaching staff with cutting edge innovation mirroring the unique nature of the cities it serves.

This rich history manifests itself in the continued excellence and unique qualities of the schools even in the face of dramatically changing circumstances, locally as well as nationally. Students still leave Cleveland Heights High School for Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale, Eastman School of Music and Oberlin as well as local postsecondary schools and the workplace. The Alumni Hall of Fame illustrates the magnitude of achievement of our graduates.

This rich history deserves to be preserved. As we look to the future we must provide ongoing appreciation and allegiance to the past. Our past provides the foundation upon which we build. Thanks to an active alumni association, many items that depict the early years of the district have been gathered. Some of the items we have collected include pictures of Coventry, Fairfax and Boulevard before they were rebuilt in the 70’s, Superintendents’ and Principals’ reports from the 30’s and 40’s, audiotapes, videotapes and brochures and even 45 RPM records made by graduating classes.

Precious memorabilia is located all over the Cleveland area and across the country in the basements and attics of graduates’ homes. Concerned that we could lose significantly without a centralized location for maintaining and preserving the District’s past, space for the CH-UH archives has been allotted in the District. Archival items have been sorted and labeled for the next step: scanning into computer files for easy access from any computer location, and preservation. Future plans include traveling displays for local libraries, schools, museums and city buildings.

This project was initiated through a donation from Cleveland Heights High School Alumni and Hall of Fame member Alvin L. Gray ‘45, for whom the Archives are named. If you would like to donate materials, funds or time, please contact Susan D. Pardee, Development Coordinator at 216-397-3869 or

Cleveland Heights- University Heights specialists committed to this project are:

  • Katherine Lawrence, CHHS Librarian / Program Specialist - Libraries
  • Stephen Titchenal, CH-UH Program Specialist - Technology

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