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Identify / Verify the Source --Authority
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Identify / Verify the Source -- Authority


What Does the URL Tell You?

How to Read a URL --There are several hundred top-level domain names, including COM, EDU, GOV, MIL, NET, ORG and as well as unique two-letter combinations for every country. Scroll down and answer questions 1,2, and 3 under the section title --the importance of reading URL's


Who Owns the Page?

WhoIs the Source? Use this link to verify the owner of a website and get some information about the links authority. -- All Domain names on the Internet are registered with "Domain name registrars".  Domain name registrars are entities which have been allocated the authority to register names for a specific subset of domain names. Most Domain name registrars provide a "whois" function, where you can ask "whois" and they will tell you who has registered that domain name. 

Check the site in Alexa for a summary of the site, traffic information, and lists of webisites that link to the site.

Use WHOIS search to find information about and and then

Examples illustrating Source Identification

GigaLaw --Source is clearly indicated -- Multiple sources different from site owner

Gatt ,org-- Owner masked




Discover the Site Owners Expertise

Examine credentials in the Author's bio or About Us page:

Two examples of Expertise:

Doug Isenberg -- Gigalaw

Bio -- Questionable experitse

Check for grammar and spelling errors

Examine links to and from other web pages -- Use the Google search box to type link:the URL of the website

If you are serious of about determing the author of a site's expertise, you can use sites like or Cleveland Public Library to see if the author has pusblished any books in the area.

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A Tutorial on Web Page Evaluation -- from Vaughan Memorial Library, Wolfville Nova Scotia.


Content / Scope / Bias of the Page

Does the source provide a balanced viewpoint?

Examine the writing style is it trying to influence your opinion. Examine the advertising does it influence the content?

What is the audience that this page is targeting?

What is the primary intent of this page? (ie to sell, inform, persuade. as a joke?

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Websites to Evaluate
Institute for Historical Review -- Especially check out the archives of the Journal for Historical Review --Issue one --Photographs of the Holocaust
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Compare these Websites (Use the Worksheet Provided)
1 Britain for Americans Britain Express: Your Guide to English Culture and History
2 VirusMyth AIDS.ORG
3 -- Removing problem memories Memory -- from the Exploratorium
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