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For additional Information on Colleges and College Financial Aid, visit the CHHS Library's College Information page.

Careers Guidance and Searches
Ohio Career Information Services OCIS, provided by the State of Ohio, is an excellent source of information for all types of careers.To access this resource, you will need a password to set up an account; see a librarian.
Occupational Outlook Handbook Search Page.Use this link to go to the search page for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Use either the index of occupations to browse through the Handbook, or use the Search box to enter terms you want to look for.
O*Net OnLine Using data from all parts of the Federal Government, this site provides a summary format of all the pertinent information relating to careers. Most helpful is the wage breakdown by state of the career. The's college and career planning Web site
  The Career Key A simple test that provides a quick overview of jobs that match broad personality types. These test will help you discover your strengths and weakness and consider various career options.
  Career Development eManual At this site, you complete worksheets and are guided on how to make career decisions base on what you learn about yourself. After completing the Self-Assessment, turn to the Research area to investiage job fields. In the Decision-Making section, you are shown how to pick a career that will most likely bring you staisfaction and success.

  Careers in the Food Services - A Project of the Career Prep Department
    Food Service Job Descriptions. A page of Google search results with descriptions of a wide variety of food services job. A food services employment web site with listing of actual jobs that employers are seeking to fill now.
    Food Industry Real life posting of jobs in all categories of the food industry. You will find information on employer expectations (education, experience, requirements) as well as information on the salaries and benefits, for jobs that employers are looking to fill now.
    Sodexho USA - A giant in the food services industry, Sedexho's web site is an example of the wide range of careers available in food services.

  Careers in Biology - A Project of the Science Department
    Careers in Biology
    Careers In Biology
    Careers in Biology from Furman University
    Careers in Marine Biology
Search Engines
  Google Use the specific terms you have found from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, or the OCIS search, to use in your Google search.
  Yahoo Use the specific terms you have found from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, or the OCIS search, to use in your Google search


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