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Warning: Many sites, other than IPEDS COOL, are commercial sites, and will try to sell you something. Please do not give out personal information.

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IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line (IPEDS COOL). A powerful site set up by the US Department of Education. You can search by specific college, or if you're not sure of the college you want to attend, you can search by for a college based on its location, program, or degree offerings either alone or in combination. The more criteria you specify, the smaller the number of colleges that will fit your criteria. Once you've found some colleges of interest, you can obtain important and understandable information on all of them.

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Ohio Career Information Services OCIS, provided by the State of Ohio, is an excellent source of information for all types of careers.To access this resource, you will need a password; see a librarian.
The ACT College Search Site. Here is a college search site set up by the people who bring you the ACT. It provides a step-by-step process for organizing your thinking about college, what you need to do to get prepared, and more.
College is Possible!! The college search site of the American Council of Education. Also check out their Financial Aid site.
CollegeBoard's Search for Colleges. Where to start, campus life, campus visits, majors and careers - here is a little bit of everything. Visit the College Board's Home Page to find more stuff: information on planning for college, take the SAT, finding the right college and getting accepted. Articles on selectivity, college visits, and dorms, as well as application checklist and college survival tips are also presented. Financial aid is discussed on the College Board's Financial Aid Site.
Ohio Colleges. Links to two- and four-year public and private colleges in Ohio, as well and community and technical colleges. Can be search by type, or area. Warning: This site takes a moment to load!
Public and Private Colleges in Ohio Links to public and private colleges in Ohio, with information on applications for admissions, financial aid, campus information, and more!
Hobsons CollegeView. This online college search engine is hosted by Hobsons, a publisher of college guides, and offers profiles of nearly 4,000 colleges and universities You can search for colleges by name or by specific criteria, including field of study, location, ethnic diversity, size of student body, religious affiliation, athletic program, and services for the disabled. This site also offers information on career goals, financial aid, study habits, and more.
Peterson's College Guide. You can search for colleges by name and/or other criteria. Use the links along the left hand side for info on financial aid, other types of educational opportunities.
College and University Rankings by the University of Illinois. How important is a college's ranking? Are rankings useful in deciding which college or university to attend? This site intelligently tackles these questions. Here you will find online rankings and evaluations, as well as alternatives to rankings, arguments against ranking, and rankings that use such criteria as student activism or computer connectedness. Undergraduate, graduate, business, and law programs are covered.
CampusTours.comYou can take a "virtual tour" of dozens of colleges and universities. Some offer just photos and maps, others provide audio and video clips of actual buildings and courses.
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Financial Aid A complete guide to financial aid.
  Find and Pay for College. Information from the US Department of Education
  College is Possible! The scholarship search site of the American Council on Education.
  The College Board's Financial Aid Site. Scholarship information and financial aid planning from the College Board people.
  FAFSA Application. Once you have decided on a college, this site will help you with financial resources. This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a government-sponsored program.
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