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Electronic Resources in the Library
  Harlem Renaissance An eBook covering all aspects of the Harlem Renaissance.
  Gale Power Search -- Searches all the Gale Resources at once. In the "Search" box, enter the name of the person you are looking for. To use this link from home, click here, and click on the Gale Power Search link at the top of the page.
  Gale Biography in Context
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Web Sites
  Drop me off in Harlem Discover the themes and works that emerged when creative and intellectual voices intersected during the Harlem Renaissance. A project of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  The Harlem Renaissance - The Harlem Renaissance was a literary, artistic, cultural, intellectual movement that began in Harlem, New York after World War I and ended around 1935 during the Great Depression.This multimedia project is sponsored by John Carrol University.
  Harlem 1900-1940: An African-American Community This site is from the NY Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Includes a timeline of the Harman Renaissance, and web exhibits on Artists, Writers, Community Institutions, Business and Sports.
  Online Forum: Harlem Renaissance A discussion by university professors discussing the exotic, primitive images used by many artists of the period; the reasons Paris was uniquely receptive to black artists in the 1920s; the connection of the Harlem Renaissance to the civil rights movement; optimistic tone of the Harlem Renaissance despite the economic and cultural hurdles, and the reasons the Harlem renaissance ended. A clearly presented, thought-provoking site.
  Art of the Harlem Renaissance A collection of paintings and sculpture from the Harlem Renaissance.
  The Harlem Renaissance and the Flowering of Creativity This site comes from the Library of Congress' African American Odyssey collection, providing an excellent overview of the Harlem Renaissance. The nightclub music, prose, poetry, and visual arts of the period are briefly reviewed.
  Harlem Renaissance. NOTE: At present, this site is being reorganized. This site, created and maintained by Jill Diesman of the University of Kentucky, looks back at the outburst of creative activity that became known as the Harlem Renaissance. You will find extensive information about and samples of the poetry, prose, and visual arts of this cultural movement of the 1920s.
  Poetry Exhibits: Poets of the Harlem Renaissance and After Here you can read an overview of the contributions of noted poets of the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. click on the name of each poet to link to a biography, a selected bibliography, examples of their poems, related online exhibits, and in some cases audio clips.
  Rhapsodies in Black Focusing on the visual arts of the Harlem Renaissance, this site presents excellent background information on several artists and their works, and lets you view their paintings and sculptures. artistic themes of the period - for example Modernism and Modernity, A Blues Aesthetic, and Imagining Africa - are all evaluated.
  Harlem Renaissance Web Sites A list of web sites of the Harlem Renaissance to explore.
  Harlem Renaissance. A page of links from the Google Directory site on the Harlem Renaissance. With over 500 links available, every topic on the Harlem Renaissance can be found.


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