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  Art, Music, Film and General Culture from Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
  Books and Literature from Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links Use this link for information about how French culture CURRENTLY influences life in the United States in the areas of art , cinema, music, and the performing arts.
  Discover France- This link to the site map of offers access to a vaiety of websites about France and French history.
  Cuisine of France - This site presents a brief overview of the various cuisines of France and links to famouse recipies.
  Famous French People  - Links to famous French people in such professions as, Filmakers, Actors, Actresses, Architects etc
  Famous French People II - Links to variety of websites about faous French People.
  Famous French Soccer Players
  Google Directory Search -Use this link to type in a name and retrieve "official" websites about public figures
  Encarta Encyclopedia --See the entry on African Music
  History of French Filmaking -- from the free
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