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Spanish Cultural Influences


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Costume and Dress
Culture, History, Flag etc.
Music and Dance
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Costume and Dress Be sure to scroll down to the Central America Link.
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Culture, History etc.
Lands and People -- Select Lands and people from the choices and search by name of country.
World Fact Book. The US CIA has developed factbooks on the world's countries, including information on Flag and Map, Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Communication, and Defense
Flags of the World A description and history of the flags of the world..
Cultural Profiles Project - Information, photos, recipes and more from selected countries from around the world.
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Recipies on the Web Searchable database from SOAR with recipes from around the world. 
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Music and Dance
  Latin American Music and Dance Weblinsk to information about the roots and indluences of Latin American Music and dance.
  History of Latin American Dancing
  South American Music and Dance from
  Music from Many Cultures -- Includes information about Spanish dance and music.
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