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Bioterrorism Web Sites Bioterrorism and Bioweapons Special Report
  An impressive array of information related to bioterrorism. In addition to breaking news on bioterrorism, the site features an Anthrax FAQ, information about other biological agents and information on protecting ourselves from them.
Texas Department of Health: Bioterrorism
  A virtual library of helpful information about bioterrorism and some of the infectious agents that might be used. Valuable facts about the subject can be found under Fact Shetts and bioterrorism FAQs.
New York City Department of Health Responds to the World Trade Center Disaster: Questions and Answers about Bioterrorism.
  Laid out in question-and-answer form, this web site covers not just anthrax but also bioterrorism in general, including a discussion of anthrax and smallpox symptoms, availability of vaccines, and the safety of the water supply.
Health Related Links: Selection Bioterrorism References
  The site contains links to information on bioterrorism from a number of government agencies which deal with bioterrorism, as well as a number of private and professional organizations.
APIC: Bioterrorism Resources
  Loaded with information about various aspects of bioterrorism. The three most useful sections of the site are Bioterrorism News, Anthrax Updates, and Bioterrorism Readiness.
Center for the Study of Bioterrorism & Emerging Infections.
  A wealth of general information about bioterrorism and the agents most likely to be used by terrorists.
CDC: Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response
  Perhaps the most comprehensive of all the sites that deal with the health implications of the bioterrorism threat. This site provides encyclopedic coverage of the biological diseases and chemical agents most likely to be used by terrorists.
Online NewsHour: The Bioterrorism Threat
  The focus at this site from the PBS Online NewsHour is on the breaking news of the threats of bioterrorist attacks against the US. In addition, expert views and links to other sources are provided.
US Department of Health and Human Services: Biological Incidents: Preparedness and Response
  The US Department of Health and Human Services provides this directory of online resources related to bioterrorism. You can find links under Current Information, Anthrax Information, Fact Sheets, and Frequently Asked Questions.
Ataxia: The Chemcial and Biological Terrorism Threat and the US Response
  This very large report examines the actual threat of bioterrorist attacks, the ability of nation and local government authorities to respond to such attacks and recommendations for preparations for such an attack.
Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat
  This article sounds a clear warning about the ominous and growing threat of bioterrorism. The author also discuss several scenarios of attack
Agricultural Biowarfare & Bioterrorism
  Bioterrorism attacks on food production are another likely scenario. This article explores a wide variety of possibilities of such an attack.
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