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Journals / Magazines
Computer Information and Applications
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Journals / Magazines / Specialized Encyclopedias
  EbscoHost --From the link on the first page select Academic Search Premier, MAS Ultra, Masterfile Premier and Computer Source (for related topics) to get peer reviewed and magazine articles.
  Access Science Follow the links to reach information from the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Includes Science, Math, and Computer Science topics. Use this for an overview.
   White Papers, Tech Guides, RFC's, FAQ's -- Search Google using the search terms: White paper FLE3 for example. Or use the Internet RFC / STD / FYI / BCP Archives Search Page
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How Computers Work--Hardware
Intel: The Journey Inside. The Journey Inside SM is an interactive, media-rich Web site that answers important questions about computers and the Internet through activities that help explain how technology works and impacts our society.
Computer History
  Computer History Museum - It is not just a museum, it is one of the largest collections of computer related artifacts, documents, film and photographs in the world.
  The History of Computing Science: Computers: From the Past to the Present. - The first (and only) lecture in the series is about the history of computing from the past to the present. This offers the student or casual browser an overview of the advances in science that made desktop computers possible starting with the invention of counting.
  IEEE Computer Society: History of Computing - Use the timeline feature to access a hyperlink history of computers and engineering.
  Obsolete Computer Museum -- A stroll down the memory lane of personal computing.
  Penn Library/ Exhibitions: John W. Mauchley and the Development of the ENIAC computer Portrays the history of the emergence of modern computing as seen through the eyes of John W. Mauchly.
  Triumph of the Nerds This site chronicles the history of the personal computer through the people who shaped it eg. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs.
Computer Networking
  Unix Services Website : The UNIX Services Group at the University of Texas at Austin provides this searchable site. All users and administrators of UNIX systems should take advantage of the resources offered here. You'll find material for all levels of UNIX proficiency, from introductory information for new users to networking and security information for systems administrators. The site is regularly updated.
  NueroCentricity Part of the ThinkQuest network, this site was created by a pair of high school students--one from the United States, the other from South Africa--to provide an easy-to-understand introduction to artificial neural networks (ANNs). To overcome the limitations of today's computers, ANNs were created to mimic the operations of animal brains, processing information in parallel rather than sequentially. The site examines the practical applications of neural networks and features interactive demonstrations.
Computer Repair
  Computer Repair Tech Forum --Search a message board for answers from other techies about remedies to your specific computer problems
  Systems and Components Reference Guide --from, a brief overview of computer systems and repair
  O'Donnell on Computers This gateway is the creation of Bob O'Donnell, host of a popular consumer-oriented, call-in computer talk radio show, broadcast by San Francisco's KSFO Talk Radio. O'Donnell's Troubleshooting Guide offers a number of articles about specific computer problems and what can be done to remedy them. The heart of the site is the directory of links to helpful online resources covering such topics as PC and Macintosh hardware and operating systems, software, drivers, and networking. Audio files of O'Donnell's show are also available; Windows Media Player plug-in is required.
Computer Viruses
  Carnegie Mellon: Software engineering Institute: CERT Coordination Center Information Technology professionals can stay on top of the latest computer system vulnerabilities, incidents and fixes with a visit to to this site.
  CNET Reviews: Virus Center Her er you can learn about the latest threats to your computers security as well as where to download specific security updates.
  HowStuffWorks: How Computer Viruses Work This site takes some of the mystery out of viruses and worms in lay terms This site attempts to dispel virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends.
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Newest Hottest Technology Gadgets - Gizmodo is an online review dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics
Math Links
  Glencoe History of Mathematics Links -- Includes biographies and links to other information of mathematical interest.
  Google Directory -- Comprehensive directory of links to many, many math topics
  Mathworld --The webs' most extensive math resource. Search by general subject ie, geometry, algebra etc.
  Math History Topics Index -- Includes links to Mathematics history in various cultures and Mathematics topics links
Mathematics: Logic
  Logic Deamon and Quizmaster this site covers basic logical notions and includes a proof checker and quiz generator.
  What is Mathematics? Goedel's Theorem and Around Includes the full text of two college level textbooks in mathematical logic.
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Mathematics: Numbers
  John and Betty's Journey Into Complex Numbers From Drexel University this site was designed to help children learn about complex numbers and the ways in which they can be used
  Links to Information on Number Systems This web site provides links to information about most of the world's number systems.
  Math Archives: Numbers Among the links are sites that cover such subjects an number theory, prime numbers, constants and more.
  The Math Forum @ Drexel: Ask Dr. Math: FAQ: Roman Numerals A helpful introduction to Roman Numerals
  The MegaPenny Project Visualizing huge numbers can be very difficult. People regularly talk about millions of miles, billions of bytes, or trillions of dollars, yet it's still hard to grasp just how much a "billion" really is. The MegaPenny Project aims to help by taking one small everyday item, the U.S. penny, and building on that to answer the question: "What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like?"
  Famous Problems The purpose of this site is to present a small portion of the history of mathematics through an investigation of some of the great problems that have inspired mathematicians throughout the ages.
Mathematics: Statistics
  Animated Statistics Demonstrations Although these pages were written for behavioral statistics, they should be useful for anyone taking introductory statistics or in need of basic statistical information. View the animated demonstrations and practice your computational skills by trying the problems. 
  Electronic Textbook Statsoft This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics.

Eric Weisstein's world of Mathematics: Probability and Statistics A full-text searchable, comprehensive alphabetical encyclopedia of math terms, equations, and derivations, with explanations, examples, references, and much more.

  Introduction to Descriptive Statistics In this website you will explore statistical exercises related to daily life.
  The Math Forum @ Drexel: Ask Dr.Math: College Archive A collection of questions and answers related to college level statistics.
  Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics A statistics lab online.
  Topics in Statistical Data Analysis Though highly technical, this site offers a broad overview of this topic.
  VassarStats: Web site for Statistical Computation This site was designed to be a useful and user-friendly tool for performing statistical computation.
  Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics The goal of this project is to provide free, high quality, interactive, web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics.
  Albert Einstein Online A collection of links to other web sites about Einstein
  Archimedes This site is ideal for Advanced Mathematics students who already know the basics on Archimedes.
  Biographies of Women Mathematicians These pages are part of an on-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College, in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics
  Furman University: Mathematical Quotations Server Here you can find famous mathematics related quotes in severe al ways.
  Isaac Newton --This site based on an article from Encyclopedia Encarta gives a good overview of Newton's personal and professional accomplishments.
  Mathematicians and Other Oddities of Nature this site offers a one page compilation of interesting mathematical facts and explanations.
  The Proof For over 350 years, some of the greatest minds of science struggled to prove what was known as Fermat's Last Theorem -- the idea that a certain simple equation had no solutions. Now hear from the man who spent seven years of his life cracking the problem, read the intriguing story of an 18th century woman mathematician who hid her identity in order to work on Fermat's Last Theorem, and demonstrate that a related equation, the Pythagorean Theorem, is true.
  Pythagoras Theorem the site presents a sliced show of Pythagoras' famous theorem, and a brief history of his life.
  MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. EXCELLENT source of biographical information by gender, Name or Keyword! Start Here.
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