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Origami Web Resources
  Origami Mathematics Page of Professor Thomas Hull, Merrimack College -- Includes information and links to many relevant origami - math information sources.
  Origami USA Home Page - National origamai organization in the United States, and its home page contains much useful information, many links, and a concise guide to original web resources.
  Joseph Wu's Origami Page - this page links to practically every important origami Web site in the world.
  The British Origami Society Page - Easy link to collection of articles by celebrated historian of origami David Lister.
  David Mitchell -- modular origami and origami polyhedra
  A Russian Perspective - Although aimed at elementary students, this site provides and interesting perspective on origami and early education.
  The Israel Origami Center Page - This website describes an outstanding program of origami in early education involving both Isreali and Palestinian students.
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