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Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative and Conventional Energy Sources
Database and eBook Resources: Use search term: Alternative Energy or a more specific term like "wind energy"
  Science Reference Center from InfOhio
  Science Online from Facts on File
  Gale Virtual Reference Library
  Alternative Energy Solutions for the 21st Century -- Be sure to check the top and sidebar menus innovation and energy sources page
  Renewable Energy World -- The worlds #1 network for news, information and companies about renewable energy sources.
  NRDC: Renewable Energy in America-- Includes state by state profiles of energy use and alternatives
  EIA - United States Energy Information Administration-- comprehensive site with data from all states and power sources
  Alternative Energy Institute --Select from renwable or non-renewable lists
  Renewable and Alternative Fuels -- from the Energy Information Administration. Cmprehensive site which include official energy statistics from the United States government. Links to ethanol, hydro, geothermal, biomass and more
  National Renewable Energy Lab --Learning about renewable energy and energy efficiency
  Alternative Energy from Space
  Space Based Solar Farms Power Up-- from the BBC
  Space Based Solar Power
  Asteroid Mining from Planetary Resources Corp.
  NASA Study: Asteroids Provide Sustainable Resource
  The Promise and Perils of Mining Asteroids from National Geographic
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