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U.S. History


Directions:    Click on the link to go to the page for US History Web Resources for that era. To return to this page, use the Back button on your browser.

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General Resources
  Gale US History in Context Database -- Select "Browse Topics" and then in the "Choose a Category" dropdown, select: events, decades and culutural trends.
  20th Century US History by the Decades A collections of links gathered by the High School Librarians and organized by decades.
  Primary Sources for US History A collection of links, many of which contain primary source documents.
Biographical Resources - US History
  Pop Culture Universe
  Riots in U.S. History
Resources by Time Period
The Revolutionary War Period
  The Progressive Period (late 1800s, early 1900s)
  Westward Expansion
  The West: Heroes & Outlaws
  World War I
    World War I Songs
  Harlem Renaissance
  World War II
  Civil Rights Movement
  Cold War
  Vietnam War Reference Library
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