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New York CityDraft Riots
Atlanta Race Riots
Hough Riots - Cleveland
Detroit Riots
Rodney King Riots Los Angeles
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1863 - New York City Draft Riots
  The Draft Riots of 1863 A comprehensive look at the Draft Riots. Read first the four part overview - Introduction, A City Divided, The Riot Begins, and The Riots' Targets. Then, using the links at the bottom of the page, follow the events of the Riots day-by-day.
  The Draft Riots of 1863 Another comprehensive article on the causes, events, and aftermath of New York's 1863 Riots.
  Primary Sources: Civil War Harper's Weekly for August 1, 1863 Harper's, a news magazine of the times, reports on the events in the Draft riots. With illustrations of the event to accompany the article.
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1906 - Atlanta Race Riots
Atlanta Race Riots of 1906. An excellent overview of the background, events, and aftermath of the 1906 attack on the Black community in Atlanta, from the New Georgia Encyclopedia
Atlanta 1906 : A Race Riot A complex site with lots of information. Navigate carefully through the pages to get to the information you want.
Primary Source: Walter White An exerpt from Walter White's memoir A Man Called White. White, a 13-year old at the time of the riots, later became a leader in the NAACP.
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1966 - Cleveland Hough Riots
  Overview - The Hough Riots. A brief outline of the events in Hough in July 1966.
  The Hough Riots of 1966 by Mark Lackritz. A comprehensive look at the riots in the Cleveland neighborhood of Hough. NOTE: This is an "ebook". DO NOT PRINT OUT THE ENTIRE 79 PAGES. Read the material online, and print out only those pages that will be of help to you. ASK A LIBRARIAN TO HELP YOU IN PRINTING SELECTED PAGES!!
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1967 - Detroit Riots
The Detroit Riots A site put together by Rutgers University, this includes a summary of the background and the events of the riots, a short biography of each of the victims, and some eyewitness testimony.
  The Detroit Riots An overview of the events in 1967 Detriot, from Wikipedia, the online, open-source encyclopedia.
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1992 Los Angeles Riots after the Verdict in the Rodney King Police Brutality Case
  Timeline of the events of 1992 Los Angeles Riots Prepared by the Emergencynet News Network, this series of news release summarizes the day-by-day occurances in the April/May, 1992 riots in response to the "Not Guilty" verdicts in the Rodney King case.
  CNN Report on the LA Riots A CNN article on the tenth anniversary of the riots after Rodney King verdict
Rodney King and the LA Riots Stu Chambers, a TV journalist with 45 years of experience, reports on the riots on the evening of April 29, 1992
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