Cleveland Heights - University Heights City School District
Career Development
   The Tri-Heights 
Career Development Program
serving students in the school districts of
Cleveland Heights - University Heights
Shaker Heights
Warrensville Heights consortium in Ohio's Career Development Program

The Career Development Program is a state program serving parents/guardians, staff and students in the three districts which make up the Tri-Heights Career Prep Consortium: Cleveland Heights-University Heights, Shaker Heights, and Warrensville Heights. By providing current career-related information and materials to educators, we promote the life-long learning philosophy of Ohio's Career Development Model:

"This educational program helps students relate classroom learning to skills needed for employment and provides students with career-related information and skills to succeed in the world of work."
Various Career Development Program activities include:
  • Presenting informational workshops and inservices on the career development process for staff and community.
  • Producing a staff newsletter, Tri-Heights Career Development News, which provides current labor market statistics, offers a variety of higher education and career information, and highlights projects and activities in our consortium's schools.
  • Coordinating and organizing a College Fair for students and families in our three district consortium, as well as neighboring public, private and parochial schools.
  • Producing materials which provide information on the Career Development Process at all levels, Career Awareness, Individual Academic and Career Plan (IACP) and Career Passport process for staff, parents, community and business members.
  • Compiling resource materials for distribution to staff/students, which includes: Career Development Program's, Job Search Guides, College/Career Related Website information, Pocket Resumes, and other career related materials.
  • Assisting in locating speakers for classroom teachers and coordinating Career Day programs at individual schools.