Internet Safety for Parents

Online Identity and Social Networking Safety Sites
Internet Safety and Social Networking Wiki from Wes Freyer -- This site focuses on "practical things parents can do with children of different ages to promote safe online behavior and also help young people develop the ethical capacities to make good decisions as well as remain open to communicating about their online experiences with others."
Parents Guide to MySpace Safety from
Growing Up Online from Frontline. -- There is a warning up front that parts of this PBS program may not be suitable for young children. This is a frank presentation about how children today operate in an online world.
Kidsmart / Childnet -Click on the red links halfway down the page to access leaflets, handouts, powerpoint presentations, and a flash animation offering parents practical advice about monitoring their kids online behavior. -- Resources for schools, parents, and students. Includes information about how to form teen and parent proactive groups around this issue.
Facebook for Parents -- A blog post from Patrick Woesner of "Technology in the Middle," with practicial advice about how parents can begin to understand and deal effectively with the "greatest generation gap since rock and roll"
Cyberbullying Information
A Parents Guide to Cyberbullying -- from
Let's Fight it Together: Cyberbullying film
Stop Cyberbullying -- This links to the parents' section of an excellent website with articles, information and activities around cyberbullying for parents and students
Downloading and Copyright Information
Keep your student from Becoming a Music and Movie Pirate --This document is directed at parents of college students, but the laws protecting intellectual property apply to people of all ages.
Thirty Places to Get Free Media -- Images, audio, video and more
Keeping your Computer Safe, E-Commerce Safety and Miscellaneous
Get Safe Online: Includes information about protecting your pc, avoiding online ripoffs, stopping identity theft and more.
SORTED -- Keep Your Information Secure Online -- Information about viruses, spyware, pfishing, identity theft and more.
Plain Dealer Article- 12/ 11/2008- about local teens who sent imprudent photos of themselves with their cell phones.
Internet Safety for Parents Powerpoint