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Ohio Treasure Chest --The Ohio Treasure Chest is an online collection of thousands of websites which are high-quality, teacher-reviewed, interactive, and free. Each website is aligned directly to the Ohio Academic Content Standards in math, science, language arts, and social studies, and ready for use in your classroom

  Read, Write, Think -- Learning beyond the classroom section for Grades 6-8. Includes literacy activities, crossword puzzles, comic creators and more.
  Free Rice -- Give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple game that increases your knowledge.
  The Best Online Learning Games 2008 -- This is a list of simulations and interactive learning games that are accessible to English Language Learners, provide exceptionally engaging content and do not provide access to other non-educational games on their site.
  SmartFest for Middle School -- All students have smart notebook software loaded on their computers and can interact with the activities here. Sorted by subject.
  NIEH Kids Pages -- Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Riddles
  26 Learning Games to Change the World -- Students can access the "browser based and free" games on the list.
  Fun Brain Math Brain Games - covers a wide gamut of math skills and would be great practice for gifted math students. The games start off relatively easy, but soon increase in difficulty to provide the level of challenge required to engage students.
  Logic Games from ProProfs Brain Games --There are many more online games that would also be suitable for gifted children in the Brain Teasers or Brain Training sections. Just click the links at the top of the page and explore.
  Math and Thinking Games from CoolMath.com - Despite its name, not all the content on CoolMath.com is directly related to Math.
  EdHeads -- Fun online science learning interactive games
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