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Mileage Form for Travel Allowance

Download both files and place in the same folder on your hard drive.
Filemaker Pro 3.x or 4.x needed to use these files Filemaker Pro 5.x or 6.x needed to use these files

If you do not have Filemaker Pro installed on your computer, contact Steve Titchenal for stand alone version of this program.

To use the program, open Mileage and enter the current mileage rate and your personal information.

Choose Enter Daily Travel from the Script menu or button. Enter the date, click on in-district locations you traveled to and click on Calculate Day's Trip to enter them in the form. Entries for current date are shown in the lower frame and can be added to or edited there. Schools in the district have distances calculated automatically, otherwise enter the mileage.

You can also search for and edit entries from the Edit Travel Dates as List view

When all information is complete choose Expense Report from the Script Menu or button and print the forms.

Updated 4/25/04