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Opening day for Oxford Elementary School in 1925 found 78 students, two teachers and Principal, Miss Agnes Louden, housed in three portable buildings. The actual school building was under construction and fully occupied and dedicated in the '27-'28 school year. Prior to 1925, students attended old Noble Road School. Junior high students were housed in the Quilliams wing of the building until 1930 when Monticello Junior High was opened.

Oxford PTA, originally called Quilliams PTA, was founded in 1926. Since then the PTA has functioned as an active and vital link between parents and school. The PTA has sponsored many groups, made annual gifts to the school and provided countless informative programs to entertain and enlighten the community.

Oxford sponsored its first girl scout troup in 1931, followed in 1933 by boy and cub scout troups. The 30's also saw formation of an active Book Review Club, Drama Club and The Oxford Garden Club, the latter sponsoring an annual Flower Show. During this period a school P.A. system was installed; and, due to the work of the Safety Committee, the road in front of the school was closed and turn-arounds were constructed. In 1938, the first skit-type Father's Night Program appeared.

WPA Mural-- Pied Piper.

Oxford has always had a rich heritage in the arts. The late 30's brought WPA projects responsible for our two murals, painted by Gladys Carambella and the storybook character ceramics. The hydrocal relief panels, by LeRoy Flint, were added in 1941. After school classes in ceramics were formed in the mid 40's, taught by Edris Eckhardt; and were so popular that Oxford received its own kiln in 1941. A life-size figure of Alice in Wonderland was commissioned by the PTA in 1954. On the 50th anniversary of Oxford School the PTA commissioned a new mural by Gloria Mark.

The Second World War found Oxford actively involved in war relief. Red Cross classes were formed and met weekly.

Oxford has had only seven principals in its history. Miss Agnes Louden retired after 26 years of service in 1951, and Miss Ila Vincent joined the staff. Miss Vincent remained until 1968 when she retired and Mr. James Evans came to Oxford. In 1979 Mr. Winston Adams replaced Mr. Evans. Upon Mr. Adams untimely death in 1985, Mrs. Delores Vehar was appointed. Mrs. Vehar retired in 1999 and Ms. Christine Fowler became principal. In 2002, Ms. Fowler transferred to Wiley Middle School and Mrs. Kelly Stukus became principal at Oxford Elementary School.

In 1953, Oxford got its own library, which was doubled in the 1963-64 school year.

Beautification of school grounds was a popular project for many groups. A bird sanctuary, rock garden and amphitheater were all established; and in 1969 the students themselves got involved by purchasing and planting shrubs around the building.

In 1972 a bond issue was passed which provided for the remodeling of Oxford. Major work was completed in 1974. The building, as we know it today, is largely the result of concerned Oxford parents and teachers. Along with the fight to preserve our murals, considerable controversy existed as to whether classrooms were largely maintained and new library/media center added. The end result was a vibrant, relaxed and efficient surrounding for students and teachers alike to enjoy.

articles courtesy of Cleveland Press Collection, Cleveland State University