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Elementary Report Card

Elementary Report Card Tips

Zoom In , Zoom Out

The little and big “mountain” buttons increase or decrease the display size. There is one set at the top of most pages and one set in the bottom left corner of the window. They do not affect printing. Or you can use the F3 function key to zoom in (shift–F3 to zoom out)

Moving Around (especially useful when zoomed in)

  • The Home key will take you to the top of the page.

  • The Page Up and Page Down keys will take you up or down the page.

  • The Script Menu lets you move quickly between pages.
    Keyboard shortcuts using the control key: (hold down control key and press..)
    1 for page 1; 2 for page 2; 3 for page 3; 4 for page 4; 5 for Manage screen;

  • “Rolodex” at top left of window moves you between students by clicking on next or previous page or sliding lever up or down….

K-2 only:

On the report card pages displaying the individual student there are buttons with a down arrow at the top of each column. These will copy the grade entered for the first indicator to the rest of the indicators for that quarter. This is a fast way to enter grades for a student that is consistent across most indicators.