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Assessment Resources
Charting Growth

Assessment Resources

Students can chart their own growth

You can help your students see their own progress by involving them in the assessment process. It is also a useful math lesson.

These printable Acrobat PDF templates are intended for each student to use to chart their own growth over the school year. If you post them on your bulletin board, you can assign each student an "ID" so their name is not obvious.

Language Arts: Chart page includes:
TAAS (phonemic Awareness) quarterly
Reading Level (Houghton Mifflin Leveled Passages - Fontis & Pinnel) quarterly
Spelling (upto 110 points each test) weekly

PDF 28 points - quarterly

Math Facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division):
100 points - weekly (weeks 1-18, weeks 19-36, weeks 1-36 on single page)
Bar graph can be used to display number correct in one color and number incorrect above it in another color. Helps a student see improvement in correct answers as well as total number of facts attempted.

Link to Ohio Content Standards involving charts

Help using PDF files is available at

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Lesson idea originated with Coventry School teachers Beth Rae and Roberta Herman.