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K-5 CH-UH Progress Reporting


The Elementary Report Card (Progress Reporting) for Grades K-5 is available in a computer version that allows you to more efficiently enter grades on your computer and then print them out. These Report Card Progress Report forms are only for the final grades of each grading period.

You will still need to use your paper grade book or grading program to keep track of individual tests, quizzes and homework grades during the grading period and then calculate totals for the grading period. These totals will need to be transferred to the Progress Report. The Report Card supports import of grades from grade book programs such as Grade Quick. You must use the student's ID in your electronic grade book in order to export the final grades into the Report Card. Instructions are included in the new documentation.

2008-09 Elementary Report Card - Progress Report
Computer Generated
(Grades entered on computer before printing)

The Report Card software loaded with your student data should only be used from one storage location. The most common location to install the Report Card is on your network home folder (I: drive - My Documents) on the school network. This allows you to work on the Report Card from any school computer you login to. You must login using your email username to access your network home folder. Some computers default to logging in with a generic building account, choose logoff from the start menu and login with your name.

If you want to work from home, the program should ONLY be installed in one these locations instead...

  • If you have a school laptop, you can install the software on the laptop hard drive instead of your network home folder.
  • If you use a USB Jump/Flash/Thumb drive to carry files between your school computer and a home computer running Windows, the Report Card Program can be installed on your USB Drive instead of your network home folder. Work you do on the USB drive will be backed up anytime you open and exit the Report Card at school. If you leave your USB Drive at home, you cannot work at school.

To install the Report Card software, drag (or copy and paste) the E_ReportCard folder to your chosen location. You must copy the entire folder. Never move any of the files in this folder individually. If you do not have a copy of the E_ReportCard folder from last year, you can find one on your (P) Apps_Building folder under My Computer.

To start the program, open the folder you copied and locate the E_ReportCard application with the icon of an open file folder.

You can create a shortcut to this application file by right clicking on it and choosing "Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)" Delete any shortcuts to other copies of the Report Card Program. You must only work from the copy of the E_ReportCard folder you just made. Shortcuts saved to the desktop will only be saved on the computer and login you made them on. Shortcuts to USB drives are dependent on the letter assigned to the USB drive when it is inserted. That may not be the same on your home and school computer.


In addition to the backups automatically made when you quit the E_ReportCard, you can make backups at anytime from the manage screen. When on the school network click on "backup to network". When not on the school network, you can choose "Export all grades" and choose a location to save the backup file. Never use the "Save as.." command under the file menu.

To start a new school year choose "Import/Update Class Lists" button on the Manage screen of the Report Card program and DELETE last year's students if asked. Once you have started entering grades, you should choose UPDATE to get changes to teacher of record or new students. Make sure the Building, Teacher Name and Year on the Manage screen are listed as you want them printed on the Report Card.

Report Card use Instructions (older version, although most information is still accurate)
GradeQuick import/export

Setting a new default printer for your report card program

Grading Spreadsheet for Grade 3-5

Assessment Charts for Students

Sample Report Cards (pdf) K 1 2 3 4 5 (includes sample narratives in grades 3-5)
Note: An individualized report card is generated for each student using the report card program. The report card is not hand entered.

Changes for 2006-07:

Grades K-2 - now on trimesters, BDS changed to: "exceeds", "meets" or "needs improvement" to meet grade level expectations
Grades 3-5 - now on trimesters, based on Ohio Academic Standards.
Identified Indicators used on Progress Report: PDF: Gr 3 | Gr 4 | Gr 5 | Gr 3-5 | Spreadsheet: Gr 3-5