Social Studies Curriculum Planning

Summer 2004


8th Grade

  1. Colonies - update 9/04 - Pam
    Lessons: Textbook Activity Intro, Jamestown; Salem Witch Trials (Katie)
  2. Road to New Nation - Pam
    Lessons: George Washington's View of Slavery .doc .pdf; George Washington's Memoir .doc .pdf; George Washington Quotation/Timeline Match .doc pdf; Online Tour of Monticello Mansion .doc .pdf; Thomas Jefferson Report Card .doc .pdf;
  3. New Nation - Katie
    Lesson: Genocide
  4. Westward Expanion - Katie
  5. Civil War - Darren
  6. Reconstruction - Darren

Grade 9

  1. Enlightenment
  2. Industrialization
  3. Imperialism
  4. 20th Century Conflict

Grade 10

  1. U.S. Industrialization (19th Century)
  2. U.S. Imperialism
  3. 20th Century U.S. Conflicts

Meeting Times: June 15 (9:00 am),16,17,22,23,24,29

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Content Standards (Ohio Social Studies - Use numbering from our website)

Scope & Sequence (recommended time frame for teaching the unit)

Topics (major ideas and subtopics)

Teacher Resources (content background for teachers: websites, print resources, etc.)

Text Book (page numbers in available text books)

Classroom Activities (specific resources for students, lesson plans, web links, print resources, etc.)

Web Resources

Holt Online Learning: Social Studies

Summit County ESC: Standards-Based Courses of Study

Marco Polo
Humanities (Social Studies)

Gateway to Educational Resources

PBS Colonial House

Yale Avalon Project

Making of America
University of Michigan:

Memory Projects:
American Memory (Library of Congress)
Ohio Memory (Ohio Bicentenial Joint Project) (create your own scrapbook)
Cleveland Memory (CSU)


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Standard Writer (Curriculum Project) - copies available at each Middle School and the High School