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Everyday Math End of Year Assessment
Tally Sheets

open with Microsoft Excel or Open Office (free download)

right click and "save target as..." to save to your computer before using.
Name the file with your last name and grade level.

Grade Level
Everyday Math

(fixed calculation of GSS & ME)

Every Day Math End of Year Assessment Tally Sheet Instructions
(printable pdf)

The spreadsheet is designed to automatically calculate total score and subtotals by standard once you have graded each test and entered each item score.

Please note that the questions on the EDM End-of-the-Year assessment differ in the total number of points they are worth. This is dependent upon the type of question and the number of possible answers. In order to determine the total number of points possible for each question, you may want to preview the Tally Sheet before grading the assessments. Each correct answer is worth 1 point.

  1. Save the spreadsheet for your grade level.
    1. They are available on the district website at
    2. Click on Everyday Math End of Year Assessment Tally Sheet
    3. Right click on the correct spreadsheet and choose Save Target As.. to save to your computer or personal drive. Name it with your last name and grade level.
  2. Add your class list from the Elementary Report Card.
    1. If you do not teach your entire class Math, select your math students by clicking on Math Section (Grades 3-5) or by flagging them using the yellow checkboxes on the right side of the student list.
    2. From the Manage screen click on Export Class List.
    3. Choose “copy” to clipboard
    4. Open the End of Year Assessment Spreadsheet for your grade level.
    5. Click on the cell below “ID” in the upper left corner.
    6. Choose Paste from the Edit menu (or control-v)
  3. Enter the individual item scores for each of your students.
    1. You may find it easier to work in pairs – one person reads the scores and the other person enters them
    2. If the spreadsheet is too small to see, you can zoom in by choosing View menu -> Zoom and choosing a larger magnification.
  4. Save the spreadsheet (File menu -> Save)
  5. Optional: Print the spreadsheet by choosing File menu-> Print. The default is to print on multiple pages on letter size paper.
    1. Alternatively, some printers support larger paper sizes. Choose File menu -> Page Setup and change Orientation to landscape; Scaling fit to: 1 page wide by 1 page tall; and Paper size to legal or tabloid paper.
  6. Email the saved spreadsheet as an attachment to:

If you have any trouble using the Tally Sheet please call or email Steve Titchenal at 320-2340 ( or Stephanie Myers at 320-2330 (