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Literature Kit

Literature Kits

Literature Kits are classroom sets of books. The list includes titles, authors, grade level, number of books per kit, reading level, theme, a guide if available, and replacement cost per book. Some titles have a video, indicated by an asterisk, which can be booked on line via the web catalog. The length of the loan period depends on each teacher's need.

Fiction by Grade: K  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

NonFiction: Kindergarten Elementary Middle

Literature Kit Requests:

Please allow sufficient lead time from the time of your request to the date the books are needed. (Kit loans typically do not exceed four weeks.)

Send an email to Steve Birnbaum ( with the following information. You can copy and paste the following questions into the e-mail and enter the requested information there.

Teacher’s Name:


Grade Level:



Number of books needed:

Date needed:

Length of time needed:


New Liturature Kit requests will not be processed from in February. During this time, there will be no one available to process and pack these requests.

Anyone who pre-books Literature Kits for use during this time period will receive them by the end of January, provided they are not in circulation by another staff member. If you need any of these resources, during this time period, please book as soon as possible. They will processed and sent ahead of time.